Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Bachelor life sucks

Well, it has been an interesting 5 days. June went to California to visit her mom for Mother's Day, and I've been looking after the 3 dogs and 5 cats while she's away. They are all very sweet animals, and except for one "jailbreak" from the kennel this morning all has gone relatively well. These little absences always help me to realize how much I depend on June and how hard she works keeping our little piece of Oregon running smoothly.

Several entries back, I mentioned the Big Fake CD, which compiles a dozen well-known fake books on one CD. For my own convenience, I built a master index for the CD in PDF format. It occurred to me that anyone else who has this CD might like to print this out. Please contact me if you'd like a copy.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Happy May Day

Happy May Day to oppressed workers everywhere! I'll take the oppression of work over the oppression of poverty any day.

And Happy Birthday to Judy Collins, too.

My friend Jade from Santa Cruz -- a fantastic singer, by the way -- was in town last week. Although we didn't get to play any music together, we had a great Indian lunch at Abhiruchi restaurant (3815 SW Murray Blvd. in Beaverton -- (503) 671-0432). Give this place a try sometime; the lunch buffet is moderately priced and delicious. They open at 11:30, and if you get there too late, you have to get in line with Nike employees lunging for the Tandoori chicken.

June and I have been watching Manor House on PBS this week. This is another reality-show, but in this one, modern Brits get to experience what life was like in 1905. Of course, for the rich "upstairs" folks, life was just peachy, save the occasional fit of 21st-century class-consciousness. For the poor slobs "downstairs" it sucked big-time. "Oh dear, it's time to empty Milady's chamber pot again." It occurred to me that they had the wrong family upstairs. They really should have cast the Osbournes. They're rich, clueless, cute, and they're used to living in a big house with servants all around.