Monday, May 15, 2006

A Place Called The Bla-Bla Cafe

A remarkable book has just been published, titled A Place Called The Bla-Bla Cafe.

I performed many times at this venue on Ventura Blvd. in L.A. with singer/songwriter Lisa Nemzo, both as a trio (with Marylee Tyson on cello) and as a full rock band. It was a very magical place, sometimes frustrating as hell and other times simply sublime. I have very good memories of the place, which provided a place to be heard for many rising stars in the 1970s.

And yes, there is even a mention of yours truly in the book, in a funny anecdote written by Lisa Nemzo.

For more information, or to order your own copy, go to

Bye-bye Fireside Jam

Well, the Fireside Jazz Jam is no more. Apparently, a combination of factors has led to the owner of the establishment cancelling the regular Saturday jazz jam that I've played at regularly for quite some time now at the Fireside Coffee Lodge at 12th & Powell. This is still a very nice, mellow place to hang out, have a cup of jitter juice, and access the internet; they just won't have a bunch of jazzbos and their friends hanging out on Saturday night anymore.

The good news is that Portland Jazz Jams is sponsoring a new weekly jam session at Proper Eats in the St. Johns area of Portland. This will be on Thurdays, and will have acoustic bass players only, so I'm out of luck on both counts. But it should be a good session and I'd encourage all jazz fans and players to come out and support this new venue. More information HERE.