Friday, February 27, 2009

CD is being pressed!

After a long wait (including a few more of the bits of "real life" I mentioned in my last post), I've finally sent the CD project out for pressing, which of course gives me something new to fret about. I got the first proofs of the printed materials today, and found problems with one of them. I think it will be easy to rectify, though. That's what I get for using an amateur designer (me).

Before sending the master out, I listened one last time to the whole album, uninterrupted, on my best headphones. I must say that it still sounds fresh. Charles at East2West helped me get the natural, live sound I was looking for, and with the headphones I could even hear people breathing in a couple of places!

I think we'll have the CDs by the first of March if no further snags come up. Then I'll need to fret about having a release party...