Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on the CODA project

The CODA CD is finished!

As I worked on these recordings, I realized that this would not be another Three-Day Weekend album, as I had originally planned. Most of the tunes on this CD were written by Paul Bass, and performed by him on solo piano or electronic keyboard. There are just a few tracks that fit the 3DW format we established in the first five albums by that name. So, I decided that this is a Paul Bass album. I do play bass and guitar on a few tracks, but most of the tracks are just Paul.

I am very happy with how the tracks came out. I remixed a few, and took a crack at doing real mastering in the Mackie Tracktion program. It's amazing how much mastering can help (or help to ruin) a track!

This CD will not be available to the general public - it's a very limited release, just for a few friends and family. I think Paul would have wanted it that way.