Friday, February 24, 2006

Performance Schedule

I will have a light schedule at the Fireside through the end of March. I'm playing tomorrow night (Feb 25th), then again on March 11th and 25th. On March 4th Dan Presley (of Tall Jazz fame) will be filling in the bottom end, and on March 18th Brian Lowe will be sitting in. Two Saturdays off in a month -- wow!

Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm sick.

I don't get sick often, but this is for real, and I hate it. I think one of the guys at my day job brought a virus into work with him, and now I have a stinking cold.

There are benefits, of course. Sympathy is one, although that wears off pretty quick when your spouse is emptying wastecans full of damp, infectious Kleenex. Rest is another -- you're supposed to get a lot of sleep. But I always feel like I should be getting something, um, updating my blog.

NYQUIL! Now yer talkin' some fun! Since I don't drink alcohol, Nyquil is one of my little guilty pleasures. That little shot of booze you get, along with the witch's brew of god-knows-what and the green color and horrible anisette taste, make it my party-drug of choice when I get my annual cold. And man, does it put me to sleep. At least for about 4 days, until I get habituated to it. June says I should just save money and take a shot of tequila at bedtime, but that would be wrong.

Along with this is a side problem that is actually more long-term and worrisome. My arthritis has started showing up in my finger joints. So far, it has not directly affected any of my primary bass-playing fingers, but that may be inevitable. The best thing I can do is to keep moving as much as I can, and take anti-inflammitories when I need to.

Our health is precious, and can be taken away at any time. I think of those people I've loved, who I've lost too early, and I feel very lucky to have lived so long. I realize that there are many who would gladly trade my little aches and pains for theirs. I try to appreciate each day, and those people in my life that make each day a joy.