Monday, March 04, 2013

Little Mountain Music

I'm pleased to announce that our CD Sometimes Things Work Out is now available at Little Mountain Music in Molalla, Oregon.

I met Tony Hill, the owner of Little Mountain Music on Saturday and gave him a 'short stack' of  CDs. They're very nice folks, and they stock a terrific selection of CDs as well as vintage vinyl -- something that's hard to find in a physical store these days. I'm old-school, I guess. I enjoy finger-walking through bins of old LPs, finding records I didn't know about or had forgotten, and reading the back-cover. My guilty pleasure is also looking for LPs I played on back when LPs were THE medium for recorded music.

Little Mountain Music is located at 1585 W Main St., Suite O (that's the Safeway shopping center), in lovely Molalla, Oregon. Stop by and flip through their bins, and maybe ask about taking home a copy of our CD.

Of course, downloads are also available on iTunes and Amazon, but you'll miss out on the nice artwork and extra information about the players and the tunes. There are also some photos in the booklet that were taken during the sessions by my friend Peter Uchytil.