Monday, February 08, 2010

Blue Fiddles

You should check out a new web series called Blue Fiddles. It's set in Portland, Oregon, and also filmed there. The writer/director/star is the multi-talented Nena Botto, and here's how Nena describes the story line:
"It's the story of three women searching for meaning amongst the day to day grind living in Portland, Oregon. The theme is a mix of comedy and drama that has aims to be glamorous through honesty -women who have scars from life experiences not from numerous Botox sessions. The characters are complex in their demeanor and wonderfully flawed in their intentions."
Please give this excellent web series a look. The first three episodes (Season One) are up now.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, they used a snippet of one of the tracks from the "Sometimes Things Work Out" CD -- Longing -- as soundtrack music in Episode 3. It's in the next to last scene.