Saturday, September 17, 2005

What's important?

In the month or so since my last post here, we have experienced the awesome power of nature to humble man's constructs, plans, and conceits.

We've also seen the failure of our leaders to respond with the courage, strength, and intelligence that such an event demands. I hope that people will remember these days, and the actions -- and inactions -- of these leaders when they vote next time. Then again, Americans have a pretty short attention span. I know I certainly do.

I just got back from a too-brief visit to Santa Cruz, California, where I stayed with my dear friend Esther and her family. Esther is the widow of my longtime musical collaborator Paul Bass, and is a very gifted healer in her own right. I had some time to myself while there to reflect on a lot of things -- particularly what we value and how we relate to the world around us. Santa Cruz is kind of a hippy-trippy place, so it may just have been the stray patchouli fumes and random energy surges from all the crystals that adorn every car's rear-view mirror that was taking my mind those places -- I don't know. But it's clear to me that one can lose absolutely everything, and if you can still hold on to someone you love, and show them that you love them, then you have absolutely everything you need. Needless to say, I gave June a big hug and kiss when I got home.

I'm taking tonight off from the regular Saturday night jazz jam at the Fireside Coffee House in Portland. I wanted to end my vacation at home, eating pizza for dinner and just kicking back with June.

I thought it was important.