Sunday, December 22, 2013


OK - a little off-topic here...

We all know what a humblebrag is - bragging in a way as to seem like you aren't. Such as:

"It is such a chore having such a gifted child."
""UGH - I have to buy all new clothes after losing 7 pounds."


But the flip side is what I call the complimock - complimenting someone in such a way as to knock them down a peg. A complislam might be the same thing, but perhaps a little more direct. What's funny is that we hear complimocks all the time, but we don't have a word for it (or at least we didn't until I coined one). Here are a few examples, some of which have been directed at me:

"What a pretty dress! It's great that it comes in plus-sizes."
"I like that sweater - my 2-year old has one just like it."
"That color is great for you - very slimming."
"I admire your bravery for making such a statement that goes against established fact."
"I like your new CD a lot - when I listen to it I go right to sleep!"

Heard on today's Clare Teal show on BBC:

"You have such a lovely radio voice - I'm sure you have a face to match."

(That one's pretty subtle - it's the old joke about an actor having a "face made for radio.")

Please feel free to add complimock to your everyday lexicon. You are welcome.